Friday, July 11, 2008

sugar coma and friends...

there is a little ice cream place downdown that is pretty popular in these parts. you can get a kid cone for $1.25 that is ginormous! in fact, i can't tell the difference between that size and the regular ones at twice the price. pretty good marketing, wouldn't you say? the place is always packed and they have a gazillion flavors to choose from (maybe not quite that many). we met up there tonight with our friends and their kids and ordered something called the 'holy cow!' it was a huge bowl of ice cream (12 scoops of 12 different flavors, thank you very much) and all the toppings...chocolate, caramel, nuts, whipped cream and cherries...maybe more, it all became a blur. i figured out why they call it the 'holy cow!' it was a fun to see everyone dive right into that beautifully disguised bowl of refined sugar and empty fat and calories. and before dinner, too.

when all was said and done and paid for, and we said our goodbyes at the door with the promise to do it again sometime, i looked back at the carnage we left behind and had a disturbing thought. i don't know if it was the sugar talking or the excitement of hanging out with other grownups (i don't get out much) or what, but i had done something in there that i would never, ever do if i was in my right mind.

i am not a double dipper. can you say gross? what we just did with that ice cream and 11 people with 11 spoons could not even compare to double dipping! i think i might just throw up. the thought of the germ warfare going on with my immune system at this very moment just about flips me out! but because i am the person that i am, i was willing to make the sacrifice. now excuse me while i slowly drift into my sugar coma.


The Motherboard said...

Hip! Hip! Hooray! She's back from the dead blogs! I have MISSED your funny stories. Well. And I miss you too. We need to plan a trip... whats in between here and MO?

Anonymous said...

That ice cream dipping is Seriously Double Dog Grody! :P

Well...whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger :)

((i hope))


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