Monday, September 29, 2008

tag, so i guess i'm it...

so motherboard tags me with this! NOT because she thinks it's difficult to come up with 7 weird things about myself but because it would be more difficult to STOP at 7! she already knows so many of my quirks. and now so will everyone else! yikes! here goes...

1. i hate mushrooms. with a purple passion. i will spend alot of time picking mushrooms off a piece of pizza before i risk eating one. (they hide them under the cheese, you know) i substitute cream of everything before i use cream of mushroom soup in anything. i would eat abc gum before i ate a mushroom. i hate them that much.
2. i once wanted to be a police officer. that was before not meeting a height requirement was considered discrimination. someone didn't think i could be very intimidationg at 4'11" and 99 pounds. they didn't know me very well! i've moved on.
3. i want to raise alpacas. they are so cute, and good pets, and their hair is worth a gob of money. you know what i love best about them? they poop in one place. ONE PLACE! how perfect can an animal be? it loves your kids, makes you money and POOPS IN ONE PLACE?!? i want ten!
4. i hate cotton balls. not all of them, just certain ones. the ones that squeak when you rub them between your fingers. bet you didn't know there were squeaky cotton balls, did you? they are wicked. i saw a girl on a talk show once who almost had a nervous breakdown over squeaky cotton balls. the fear is real. stop laughing.
5. i have had 5 (count them!) c-sections! is that crazy or what? only one of them was planned, too. yes, they hurt but they have wonderful medications for that. now if i could just save up enough $$ for that tummy tuck...
6. i live in a town where the school mascot is, are you ready for this, a PRETZEL!!!I have lived here over a year and my kids still won't wear clothing with the mascot printed on it. can you blame them? the pretzels? is that twisted or what? the sports teams in our schools are pretty tough to beat. that's because they have to work extra hard out there to defend their honor with a mascot called the PRETZELS! lame.
7. i got a concussion when i was 15. i was walking home from school one day when a cute guy in a car drove by and cat-called me! i was checking him out and when he passed by i spun around and ran right into a light pole! it showed up out of nowhere and knocked me right on my butt! i stumbled into the nearest jack-in-the-box and had someone call my mom to come and pick me up. how embarrassing is that? uh, VERY!

so now you know.


Motherboard said...

Wasn't Dekalb like the Barbs? What kindof mascot do you do for a Barb? Something pokey?? What?

You crack me up. All the time.

Miss you! and all that other mushy stuff.

Mikki said...

Oh my goodness. That was a FUNNY post. I'm still giggling. I don't care much for mushrooms either--definitely pick them off my pizza too. Ugh! Bless your heart on the c-sections. I had one for my last pregnancy--would. never. do. it. again. (can't, thank goodness, I got fixed.)
The last one, I'm still giggling over. Thanks for making my night!

tracytreehouse said...

motherboard, i forgot how to put the image on the 'tagged' post. help.

Anonymous said...


my husband hates mushrooms, too!!! he does the same thing!!!!

and yeah...Squeaky Cotton balls! I know what ya mean!!!! freaky.

wowza..5 c-sections?!?!?! dang-la-bang girl!!!!

and i have done that RUNNIN INTO THE POLE THING. too many times to count! it hurts, doesn't it!?!?! i never did it so hard that i had a cuncussion, though. ouch!

i love this tag!

{{THANK YOU MOTHERBOARD for tagging her!!!!!}}

Motherboard said...

you steal the image from my site, and then open back up your post and there is a little picture button in your tool box... CALL ME!! It will be easier to explain!

tracytreehouse said...

I think i helped plan two of those c-sections; only 3 were emergency. Tracy, you are like a fine english sports car: fun to drive, but the maintainence will kill 'ya.

Anonymous said...

ha haaaaaaaaaaa!

did you hubby write that last comment????

that is fuuu-hhunnny!!!!


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