Sunday, January 18, 2009

am i being too critical?

so i move back to missouri. that's cool. it's a beautiful place. fall is fabulous, spring is the best, summer could be a little drier, and snow in winter is minimal. so i guess i have no complaints about the weather.

i also have a great job working with some great people! i work with adults with disabilities and some days it is such a hoot! they are so honest and untouched by the frivolous cares of the world. i just love them. nope. no complaints about the job.

okay, here goes. i was in walmart the other night and made some observations. i don't want to be too critical but i know dang well this town is full of dentists. mine and my family's teeth are very important to me. oral hygeine around here begins before you have teeth.

so...could it be that teeth are now considered optional?


Motherboard said...

Bwah-ha ha ha ha ha!! That's pretty dang funny!

As long as they don't wear wife beaters...

wonder woman said...

My in-laws live in Missouri. Near Neosho. My FIL wears dentures.

But only to church.

Unfortunately, I think that teeth actually ARE optional in Missouri.

Sher said...

I think it's the Walmart thing. I think that no matter what part of the country you are in, You will always fine teethless, hairless, tobacco stained people at Walmart.

Makes me wonder what that says about being when I shop at Walmart.

Anonymous said...

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Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

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Anonymous said...

ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! that is hilarious! and so so so true!!!!!
i tell you when & where you can see some real Hum-Dingers: at the Flea Market

Anonymous said...

and congrats on being a DOUBLE WINNER on MMB!!!! you lucky lucky gal!

Thing 1 said...

are you ever going to update your freaking blog?? :-}

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