Friday, August 8, 2008

oh yeah...i got some quirks alright

okay. this is soooooooo lame. i didn't get tagged but i saw this on on someone's blog today and wanted to participate anyway. so i will pretend that my imaginary blogger friend tagged me and wanted to know 3 of my quirks. told you i was lame.

anyways, here goes:

1. funky breath! and not just your regular morning 'i haven't brushed my teeth yet' breath. i'm talking the kind that smells like other stuff. ex: i had a dentist who's breath smelled like cigars! can you believe that? and one time when i was a little girl my mom almost beat up santa claus because he was breathing his nasty whisky breath on the kids! i cannot do funky breath.
2. mean moms! if i am in the grocery store and i hear a mom yelling at her little kids it takes all the energy i have not to smack her! i don't mean the stern 'i'm the mommy and you need to listen to me' tone of voice. i'm talking about the total lack of self-control, venom spewing, 'someone call the authorities before i kill my own child' kind of behavior. come on lady, let's take this outside.
3. being late! and this might surprise you, but i don't mind too much if other people are a little late. but it drives me right out of my gourd that i cannot be on time. i can make an appointment, prepare 2 hours early and still be 15 minutes late! this is no joke. i am late to church almost every sunday. which is ridiculous because you can almost see the church from my house. pathetic.

sadly, there's more where those came from. these are are my top 3. so now you know. you better read this fast before i decide to delete it.


Anonymous said...

ok...did you see that on my blog??? ha ha!

anyway...girl---i am RIGHT THERE WITH YA about the MEAN MOM thing!!

I've been known to tell a MEAN MOM to STOP and if they want to pick on someone, they should pick on someone thier own size!!!

ooohh...that is one SURE FIRE way to get a Good Ol' Southern Butt-Whoopin!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tracy....i ♥ your blog!! and by the way...i see that you still have my old blog "Our Own Family Adventures" on your sidebar. I had to delete that blog for various reasons. My new blogspot is ☺
Hope to see you there!!!

The Motherboard said...

I am quirky too. But, I bet YOU could name all my weird quirks.
Wanna try?

I already knew most of those about you! ☺

tracytreehouse said...

Oh, Elisa, if you knew all of Tracy's quirks you would never stop laughing. marty

Mikki said...

You are so not lame. In fact, you're a winner. No, really your the winner of my give-away. Congrats!! Email me at
firelein6(at)cox(dot)net with your mailing info and I'll get it all out to ya.
I love this post. It's neat to get to know you. (even those things you don't want people to know)


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