Thursday, August 7, 2008

your mom goes to college...

funny but true. i did it. i enrolled at the local college to finish my medical transcription certificate. probably the bravest thing i've done in a year. (what a wimp). stuck in my comfort zone. either to scared or too tired to venture out. well not any more. i am so excited. i am also scared to death.

i had to go in today and submit a writing sample. scary. this blog is about all the writing i do. before i left gracie and cass reminded me to say a prayer. boy did i pray hard. first, that i would have a clear mind and do well. second, that there would be a choice of topics and third, that i would have a clue about at least one of them! this was the one i picked: the american family used to be characterized by a working father, a homemaker mother and several well behaved children. in what ways is your family similar/different from this past typical image of the american family?

whew! i just started writing and before i knew i had over a page of essay done and was feeling pretty good about it. now i know we aren't the cleavers but i think we represent the typical family. and apparently the person reading the essay appreciated it because the note that came back said 'thanks for the occasional laugh'. typical and funny.



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Erin said...

Good job! I love school. And miss is terribly. Hope you have fun at school. Maybe you can find someone to pass notes to!

The Motherboard said...

Yippe Skippe! Tracy's goin' back to school! You are awesome amazing! How are you going to do that with your new awesome DAY TIME JOB??


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