Monday, August 11, 2008

second mortgage...

oh my everyone else freaking out about the price of gas? when i fill up my tank i swear i come real close to stroking out. i have a mini van people. $75.00 to fill it up. hello! gas is finally down to $3.95, a couple of weeks ago it was $4.05! unbelievable. this is in illinois, btw.

just curious, what are you spending for gas and what do you do to keep from having to take out a second mortgage to take a family trip? seriously.


Mikki said...

My hubby filled up today and it was down to $3.75 a gallon. I just hope it keeps going down. We usually fill up when it gets to half tank, so it doesn't feel like such a bad hit. But, if we filled up from empty, we'd be paying $60 a pop for a little hyundai elantra. Ouch.

Mikki said...

Hey there! I'm sorry, I thought I emailed you back. But, yup, I got your email address. I'll be getting your package out in the mail today. Thanks again!!

Anonymous said...

yeah...i am freaking out about the price of gas! It cost me over $120 to fill up my tank!!!

It is enough to make a Momma want to Scream!

thank goodness it is coming down a little bit now, though. I hope it keeps going DOWN DOWN DOWN!!!

tracytreehouse said...

$120?!?!?! what do you drive? a tank? i am not complaining anymore! geez, i would have to get a second job to drive your car!

Anonymous said... is pretty much a TANK! :)

it is a Ford Expedition!


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