Monday, August 11, 2008

second mortgage...

oh my everyone else freaking out about the price of gas? when i fill up my tank i swear i come real close to stroking out. i have a mini van people. $75.00 to fill it up. hello! gas is finally down to $3.95, a couple of weeks ago it was $4.05! unbelievable. this is in illinois, btw.

just curious, what are you spending for gas and what do you do to keep from having to take out a second mortgage to take a family trip? seriously.


Mikki said...

My hubby filled up today and it was down to $3.75 a gallon. I just hope it keeps going down. We usually fill up when it gets to half tank, so it doesn't feel like such a bad hit. But, if we filled up from empty, we'd be paying $60 a pop for a little hyundai elantra. Ouch.

Mikki said...

Hey there! I'm sorry, I thought I emailed you back. But, yup, I got your email address. I'll be getting your package out in the mail today. Thanks again!!


yeah...i am freaking out about the price of gas! It cost me over $120 to fill up my tank!!!

It is enough to make a Momma want to Scream!

thank goodness it is coming down a little bit now, though. I hope it keeps going DOWN DOWN DOWN!!!

tracytreehouse said...

$120?!?!?! what do you drive? a tank? i am not complaining anymore! geez, i would have to get a second job to drive your car!

MERRIANNE said... is pretty much a TANK! :)

it is a Ford Expedition!


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