Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i'm awesome!

so did you hear?! i am a winner! really. i am. i won a blog give away! and it has a bunch of cute stuff, too. including a straw bag (because everyone knows i adore straw bags!). it was at mikki's site but since i haven't taken motherboard's class on how to link to other people's blogs yet, you'll have to find it for yourself. and boy will you be jealous!

i was so excited when i won i called my friend motherboard to tell her and had to leave a message. she's getting back at me for hardly ever answering my phone, or maybe she was doing something frivolous like nursing her baby or cooking dinner. i don't know. apparently i didn't hang up when i thought i did and she got an ear full of me sing songing about how awesome i am! i would be totally embarrassed if it was anyone but her! (we know stuff about each other that would keep you laughing for weeks!)

anyways, i'm pretty jazzed about this giveaway. maybe i'll do one of my own. first i have to learn how to post pictures, and link, etc... maybe i'll try to talk motherboard into teaching an online blogging class. because you know with 3 things, a nursing moxie, a jefe and car funeral to arrange, she has oodles of free time!



Anonymous said...

yay Tracy!! you totally deserve to be THE BIG WINNER!!! :)

Mikki said...

Hey Mrs. Awesomeness!!! I got your package out in the mail today. So, it should be arriving within a week or so. HOpe you enjoy it. I am enjoying your blog. So glad you commented on mine.

The Motherboard said...

You are such a dork! But my favorite dork. I wont tell your secrets if you don't tell mine! :>)

Call me and I will totally walk you through the link thing. It's so easy you will die!

love you.

Mikki said...

I have something for you at my place. ;O)


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