Sunday, November 16, 2008


conversation that took place over 17 years ago between a very tall guy (6'5") and a very short girl (4'11") during that difficult 'pre-dating' phase of the relationship...

her: (trying to break the ice) so, you're really tall.

him: (only mildly annoyed with hearing the same comment that every
person he has ever met has said to him!) yep

her: (still trying to break that ice) so, do you play basketball?

him: (still only mildly annoyed) uh no, do you play miniature golf?

and you know, for a minute i seriously considered never speaking to him again. but i got over it. a long time ago. today we celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary! happy anniversary big guy.


Motherboard said...

Happy Anniversary! I still think you need that chihuahua and another Great Dane... hilarious!

Call me. I finally got a new freakin' cell phone...



that is hilarious!!!!!

he sounds like a Fun & Spunky guy!!!!

wonder woman said...

congrats!! That is QUITE a height difference! I'm not quite 5'1" but have never dated anyone over 5'9".

"Do you play miniature golf?" -->hilarious!!!

Mikki said...

Great comeback! Happy belated Anniversary!


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