Tuesday, November 11, 2008


don't send me your hate email. i won't answer it. i won't even acknowledge it. it won't even hurt my feelings. not this time. sorry. but not really. you know how some people have pets? and they love them, feed them, buy them toys, get their shots updated, get their pictures taken, get them manicures, make playdates for them, dress them, take out second mortgages for their surgeries, yada, yada, yada...well, i am not one of those people. like i said, sorry. but not really. i'm just not. i have tried to love our pets like one of own kids. i just don't have it in me. now don't translate that into me being cruella deville. i am not mean to animals at all. i feed them and take them out to go potty and an occasional walk around the block. i have children who make up for my lack of-what do you call it anyway?-by loving our family pets. so it's all good.

now. i recently acquired a little shiitzu (careful with that pronunciation). i thought he would be a nice little pet. he came with the following instructions: just feed him a little in the morning and at night and let him run around outside after he does his business. get his hair cut every year for summer. simple. even for me. no playdates. one haircut a year. he even came with a name already. well. now that i look back i am questioning why someone would want to give up a perfectly good dog. hmm...maybe because he's not perfect? could it be?

let's discuss the delicate subject of anal sacs, shall we. or not. you have google. look it up. and there are also videos on how to safely express these anal sacs at home. okay. i think it's pretty clear by now that i am not up for this. don't hate me because i am not an animal person. it is what it is.


Motherboard said...

Ewwww. Gross.

Did you kick this dog to the curb too? Just make Ben do it. He likes gross stuff-- he's a boy for goodness sake!

Alyxandria. said...

Is there a reason you actually talked about this on your BLOG?!

You're nasty. Incredibly NASTY.

[Man, I hate this dog.]

wonder woman said...

I don't like our family pets, either.

I'm not going to google this because I'm lazy and kinda scared and don't even have time to be blogging anyway, but I feel ya. I hope......it goes away, or something. =D

Sher said...

I looked you up since I got your email!
And AMEN!!!!!
I'm sooo not an animal person. You are a special person for even having pets even though you don't like them.
Lucky for me, my hubby is allergic to pet dander, so I use that as an excuse.

Mikki said...

yuck!!! I think that's just pushing the love thing anyway. That's what the vet is for!!!

Miss Pickle said...

i'll be CAREFUL when saying ShitZoo. {did i spell that right?}

ok. anyway.

i am the SAME way about animals! seriously. spencer is in LOVE with out cat or else kitty would have been bye bye a long time ago. i think he may love the cat more than me at this point. really.

and the butt sac. eeew. grody to the max.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I ♥ your blog! Thanks for sharing!


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