Tuesday, August 5, 2008

girl's camp...

i didn't get to go this year. so sad. i had a blast last year (except when it was raining all over my stuff). alyx left this morning and i already miss her. alot. she is one of the few people who can make me laugh when i don't feel like laughing, or smile when i don't feel like smiling. she is just naughty enough to remind me that she is normal 15 year old girl.

speaking of naughty...she has sent me many texts from her cell phone today. we do that alot. just silly chit chat between us. then it occurred to me that she wasn't supposed to take her phone to girl's camp. 'no electronic devices allowed' to be exact. i mentioned it in my last text. her phone must have died because i haven't heard a peep out of her since. yeah, right.

yep, it's gonna be a long week.


The Motherboard said...

When Thing1 went off to my sisters for gc for 2 weeks, she wasn't allowed to take her phone either. It was a very long 14 days. I missed her terribly. But, now we are back to normal. Her rolling her eyes, sighing whilst muttering "What-EV-er."
Ahh. Sheer bliss.


i think that is SO SWEET that you miss your daughter :) ♥ goo-goo!

yes...i say GOO-GOO when things are Sweeeet!!! ha ha ha!!!

by the way....my new blogspot address is


See ya there!! ♥

(my old "Our Own Family Adventures" blog is now deleted)

Jan said...

I don't know how it feels when my daughter will go to camp. But when the boys went, it was like yee haw.

It will be long but what better place for her to be. That is so great that she wants to go. I hope mine will. Maybe you can go again next time. Thanks for your introduction. So nice of you. Your blog is so cute. Love the flower.


Mikki said...

First off, thanks for coming by my blog. Good luck on my give-away.

Second off, congrats on the new job. I love how Heavenly Father works. I work the evening shift too, because my hubby works days and we need the extra to make ends meet and I don't/won't have someone else raising my kids (what's the point of having 'em anyway?) So, I feel where you're coming from. Hopefully once I have all of them in school, I'll be able to find a day job.

Third, hope the week goes by quick for you. My Ashley has only 2 more years before she gets to join the fun. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or dreading it.

Thing 1 said...

Hi Tracy! My blog is public now, so go check it out! Does your daughter (i know her name) have a blog? I want to blog with her!!!

Go check my blog out!!!! ♥

Erin said...

I can't believe Alyx is 15! They grow up way too fast. It's so nice to hear about your life.


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