Tuesday, August 5, 2008

good news, bad news...

so i get this message this morning telling me not to go in to work tonight. what? i am pretty sure that you have to actually show up at work to get that little gem they call a paycheck at the end of the week. so i start thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts. the warehouse burned down. the computers crashed. the company was bought out. free day?! then reality sets in, could i have been fired? canned? given the boot? bingo. that's the bad news.

i am still considered a temporary employee so not only can they dismiss you at any time during the first 90 days, they don't even have to tell you why! sweet of them, don't you think? i could never have job where i have to be mean to people. at first if was freaking out cuz you know that little gem of a paycheck i get at the end of the week? i need that! my family needs that! i 'll admit that the job was really hard and the hours absolutely sucked the life right out of me but i did it for the paycheck! and now...?

well that's the good news. when i called the service to see what was going on she offered me another job. a day job (yay!) at a medical clinic (yay!) purging old medical files (yay!) for more money (woohoo!) what she didn't know is that i have been praying long and hard for this change. the first thing i did after getting off the phone was thank my Heavenly Father for hearing me even when some days i wasn't sure if he did. i feel so blessed.

what a great day.


The Motherboard said...


Thats like your dream job! Reading about everyones sicko aliments... heaven right there, I'm telling you! And, you probably get to look at pictures too! All.Day.Long. with a pay check.

Heavenly Father ALWAYS hears your prayers. and he answers YOUR prayers just as fast as Google.

I'm just sayin!

Love you!


congratulations!! that is wonderful!


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