Tuesday, August 26, 2008

school days...

i love school! i love working in one. i love being a student. i just love it. i took my first 3 tests tonight and i did gooooooooood! anatomy-A! med. terminology-A! pre-transcription-B. i'll take a B, not a problem. i was freaking out about the anatomy test. this class is making me use parts of my brain i forgot were there. it's exciting tho. i can't wait till we check out the cadaver! am i gross or what?! cassidy wanted me to ask the instructor if she could come with me! she's gross too!

so off i go to study some more. i wish i was this motivated when i was in high school. i could've kicked some academic butt.


Mikki said...

I love school too. I wish they paid people to go to school. I'd be all over that job.
So, I'm thinking of sending out a new package withOUT perfume in it. It'll probably be a different purse, and different stuff inside--do you mind?
I know as soon as I do, you'll get the package. That's the way it always goes.


WOOOO HOOOO!!! youa re going to do great! I need to go back to school...seriously! My brain needs to be stimulated!!! ♥

The Motherboard said...

I knew you would be brilliant~ cause you are brilliant at everything you do!

And, can I just say: Eww gross that you are going not only going to look at the dead body, but touch it too?

Your awesome transcends all awesomeness! Can't wait to chat tomorrow!

Thing 1 said...

Hey tracy! YOu've won an award!!!!! come and get it from my blog!! love ya! thing 1

Spencer said...

great job on your grades.
just don't enjoy poking and prodding at that cadaver too much! i don't think i could hand;e looking at one!!!


{merrianne's husband}


congrats on your award from THING 1

you deserve it!!!!!

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Mikki said...

Sept. 12, 2008
ok, like finally--you got the package. I can't believe the first package--so sorry. I guess I got the postal code wrong, so it's probably in timbuktu about now. Well, I'm glad you like the stripey bag. I like it more than the straw one, I just wish I could have found the cute rose earrings again. Oh well. I love your idea for the notebook. Great tip. Enjoy!!


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