Thursday, September 18, 2008


so i am upstairs doing some homework (which is totally taking over my life, by the way) and i hear this 'blood curdling, bowel liquifying, omg i think someone just slaughtered someone in my basement' kind of scream! really i did. so i run like the wind (like the wind?!?) downstairs and find alyx. alive. not slaughtered. but very distraught. standing there in the laundry room with her arms full of ruined (so she thinks) clothing.

apparently, a tube of cherry flavored chapstick will fare well in the pocket of a very cute pair of denim capris through the washing machine.

the dryer is a different story.


Anonymous said...



welcome baaaack!!!

i have MISSED YOU!!!!!

Anonymous said...

about your comment on my blog....well.... yeah...we had 15 minutes before he had to leave to go to work!!! and you know what? that is all you really need when you know what you are doing!!!!

who don't love a Quickie every now & then!?!?!!? ♥

Mikki said...

The same can be said of crayons.
I've missed your posts.

Motherboard said...


That's funny. Only because I have heard that exact same scream. So, maybe its really not all that funny!

Glad you're back! I've missed you!

tracystreehouse said...

i have missed me too! and all of you! thanks for popping in and letting me know!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy: you got a white t-shirt i can borrow?!?!? {ha ha}

for all those reading this & you think i am NUTs....well you are probably right...but the T-shirt is in inside joke:)

right Tracy?? right? hello---Tracy....?? are you there???

{ha ha!}

Anonymous said...

what is UP with my pictures not showing up????

freakin me out!


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