Saturday, September 27, 2008

second grade sucks...

so most people know that i assist children with special needs in the elementary schools. i love this job so much. i love the kids. it's the parents that sometimes drive me a little nutty. conversation between me and a student i work closely with.

me: let's get your homework turned in so we can get to work.

him: i don't have my homework.

me: oh, did you forget it at home?

him: yes, it's at home. but i didn't do it.

me: oh, do you need extra time to finish it?

him: no. can we just get to work now?

me: well, if you need extra time, i can let you do that. just bring it to me tomorrow and it will be fine.

him: i can't turn it in. my mom threw it away. she said you peoplele make too big a deal out of second grade and not to worry about it. can we get to work now?

me: um...ok.

someone's mom is not getting 'mother of the year' this year. jeez.


Anonymous said...

Funny!! ha ha!!!

Motherboard said...

Umm. where you talking to MY kid??

Mikki said...

That's crazy!! Some people just don't get it.


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